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Getting Started #

Requires version 8 of Node.js or higher.

npm install -g @11ty/eleventy

Available on npm. Previously known as eleventy-cli. Read more about local installation.

Run Eleventy #

Make a directory with your project in it. Don’t include ~ $ when you run these commands.

~ $ mkdir eleventy-sample
~ $ cd eleventy-sample

Run eleventy:

~/eleventy-sample $ eleventy
Wrote 0 files in 0.02 seconds

Makes sense—this is an empty folder with no templates inside. So, let’s make a few templates.

~/eleventy-sample $ echo '<!doctype html><title>Page title</title>' > index.html
~/eleventy-sample $ echo '# Page header' > README.md

We’ve now created an HTML template and a markdown template. Now run eleventy again:

~/eleventy-sample $ eleventy
Writing _site/README/index.html from ./README.md
Writing _site/index.html from ./index.html
Wrote 2 files in 0.10 seconds

This will compile any content templates in the current directory or subdirectories into the output folder (defaults to _site). Congratulations—you made something with Eleventy! Now put it to work with templating syntax, front matter, and data files.

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